Re: Station Seizure Info
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 07:26:34 -0600

(Note: This message was in response to an e-mail inquiry, The original message has been removed from this web page)

Sometimes e-mail is the only way to communicate. The fishermen have taken the main gate, and are occupying the Park areas.

There have been a lot of threats on the marine radio, and we have been warned by the office of the Port Captain that they believe there is a good chance they may try to take a hostage.

The fishermen are currently not letting or staff into/out of the compound (with the exception of people who live here).

A bunch of students came last night and tried to occupy our docks. They said they were told to come here and take the docks by Jose Andrade, head of Municipality, and Maria Salcedo, head of Education and Vice President of the Municapality(Spelling?). They left when asked,
but came right back 20 minutes. After another talk by Chantal they left.

The Police and Port Captain said they would send in troops at Chantals request, but they never came. Everytime she called they said "They should be there any minute. "

When asked by our staff, the military said they have orders to watch, and not intefere.

The military is making *NO* effort to restrict the movement of the protesters, and are not very visible.

Chantal is going to talk to the group at the front gate in a couple of minutes. I will write back when I have more Info.

Forgive the spelling and typos, I don't have time to fix this up.