Message 10: Wednesday morning
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 10:26:37 -0600

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Message 10: Wednesday morning

Good Morning:

The link to the States has been down since about 10:00 AM Tuesday. I have sent message to Ecuanet to find out the problem. I will continue to send messages in hopes that the link will be re-established.

The night passed without any problems.

We now have several solders "hidden" within our compound. They are well armed and seem ready to deal with any problem.

Ecuadorian soldiers

Elite corps of Ecuadorian soldiers arrives to protect Park and Station.

Chantal is arranging for the solders to see our "tourist" films, and have the students talk with them when they are off duty. We hope to make them more aware of what we do, and what they are protecting.

Chantal and I went to the "headquarters" of the fishermen, which is located on the porch of the main park building. On our way we noticed several new barriers have been erected. They are using the large wooden beams which are normally used to support boats when they are pulled from the water.

These new barriers are located at the park check point, which is at the convergence of the park docks, the road to the station, and the road into town.

Within the park I did not notice much signs of damage, nor did I see noticeable amounts of wood or combustibles placed about vehicles or buildings.

This does not necessarily contradict earlier reports. There are film crews from the continent here, and the fishermen may be "cleaning up their act" for the benefit of the cameras.

A few other personal observations. The fishermen seem to get worked up the most at night when they are drinking. I continue to feel the greatest danger to the park and station is during the night time, when they are drunk. By morning they are so hung over they can't seem to function, and the women are in charge.

Our personnel are still not permitted in, but Chantal is trying to arrange entry for critical persons.

Unconfirmed rumors are circulating that the fishermen are getting bored with the whole thing, and will try something dramatic Thursday, and then leave. Supposedly, they are acquiring small fire arms. We have given this information to the military, and they say they are confident to handle the problem.

That's all for now.


Director consults with staff

Outside the blockade, Director consults with town-dwelling staff who were prevented entry to the Research Station by protestors. Town-dwelling staff and Park Guards collected and delivered food for the tortoises and iguanas in the Breeding Center, intercepted rumors, sought assistance from government authorities, and provided important moral support to those living in the Station.