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Wed, 6 Sep 1995 14:40:59 -0600

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By now you should have all your mail. The connection between Ecuador and the States seems to have been down for about 24 hrs. If you are missing any specific messages please let me know and I will re-send them. The phones are not reliable enough to send all the messages by FAX.

Once again, in the interest of time, I am answering many individual questions in one letter. We have been flooded by messages since the connection was re-established.

Please keep in mind the messages I send are not "official" statements, they are just to let you know we are still here, and a bit about what is going on.

There is almost no staff here, and there is no one to write up detailed "official" reports (especially in English).

I will tell Chantal that there is a need for official info, but it may be a while before any documents can be produced . I am very sorry we cannot answer all inquiries in detail and as quickly as you would like.

The following is a report from Chantal, quickly written on a piece of paper between meetings. Typos or spelling errors are mine.

---------------Message from Chantal-------------------------------

06:00 Nine Ecuadorian military "Rangers" (like those that came in January) were guided in from their post in the Park's grounds, to a post in the station. They will remain for the duration of the situation

07:00 I was filmed by Pablo Estupinen, TV and Radio reporter of CTV (Guayaquil), requesting and obtaining permission from the Secretary of the strike , Mrs. Gulnara, for us to receive tortoise food and Don Jaya to fix the failing water system (broken pipes). She was very edgy and nervous and very quick to say that they will assure that we have what wee need for peoples' and tortoises. Very political.

08:00 "Information" groups of Tom Larson, Pedro Ponce, Michael Bliemsrieder, and volunteers met with Teniente G... of the military Rangers ... to design press statements for local TV and radio to give information on the real situation inside here, as well as demonstrate that we're still active. This is to counteract the local media blitz which the strikers have used.

More later,

------------------End message from Chantal-------------------------

That's all for now,