Thursday Morning
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 07:50:11 -0600 (GMT-0600)

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This morning Tom Larson was (as usual) turned away from entering the main gate by the protesters. He went through the Hotel Galapagos grounds, and started climbing over the hotel's second gate, which joins with the station road.

He was seen by one of the women strikers, who ran back to get the men. The came after Tom (not too aggressively it seems) yelling at him that he could not enter the station. Tom pressed on and arrived at the station unharmed.

Linda Cayot said that she and others trying to board launches to come to the station were told by strikers that station people were not to come to the station by any means. She reported by radio that "threats" were made, but as I write this I do not know the nature of the threats.

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[NOTE: Tom and Linda were members of the international staff of the Research Station, in charge of Environmental Interpretation and Research on Protection of Native Animals, respectively.]