Guadalupe River revenge
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 16:52:52 -0600 (GMT-0600)

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Message from Chantal.

Follow-up to message ... of today:

Michael Bliemsrider informs that the Guadalupe River, new GNPS boat, has been making a sweep through the coastal areas of Northern Isabela, during the last 24 hrs.

They have found a large amount of equipment for processing sea cucumbers plus at least 4,000 sea cucumbers being processed.

We will try to get some information for you about this, but may not know more until Saturday.

Please DO NOT inform this to the Ecuadorian press, yet, because the
mission is still in progress.


[NOTE: About one week after the strike began, the fishermen's union formally withdrew its support. Assuming that all patrols in Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve would cease during the strike, fishermen motored west to the Bolivar Channel between Fernandina and Isabela islands. They resumed fishing for sea cucumbers which had continued clandestinely since closure of the harvest in mid-December, 1994.

Quietly determined Galapagos National Park Service technical personnel and sailors overcame seemingly insurmountable logistical obstacles and sent the Park's new boat "Guadalupe River" from her temporary berth at the military base on Baltra, to patrol the western islands. The laudable accomplishment gave a badly needed boost to morale at the Park