#29 Another strike???
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 12:20:53 -0600 (GMT-0600)

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This is a message from Chantal of interest to the list.

Attention JPW..
US Embassy

I have some very recent information that you should know about, as the
planning of the Ambassador's visit continues.

This morning, Tn. G.. of the Ecuadorian marines informed my
Sub-director that the marines will remain in the Islands, since there are
credible rumors of a new strike

Dip. Veliz came to Santa Cruz yesterday. Apparently some factions are
dissatisfied, because their demands have not yet been met.

Tn. G.. says that the authorities have decided to not allow
strikers to take any installations.

During Galapagos National Park Services patrolling last week, on the
"Guadalupe River" along the western coast of Isabela, we have been told that a group of fishermen forced Park Guards off the Park land and chased them onto the "Guadalupe River". I have been trying since Monday to obtain a copy of the official report of the incident, for you and our information.

I am home ill with the flu, but maintain contact with my staff by radio
and e-mail. I'll let you know if any situation develops here. I understand that Tom Larson continues to make progress on arrangements for the Ambassador's visit.

Best regards,

[Note: Fortunately, no further strikes occurred. The strikers had dwindled to a few members, and the lack of positive results convinced most to seek solutions by other means. The Station continued its work with the community, including collaborative work sessions with the fishermen and other groups to seek solutions to their problems that might help to minimize human impacts on resources in the islands.]