Call for rebellion
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 13:16:27 -0600

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Message 1: Station Seizure Info
Message 2: Morning meeting with fishermen
Message 3: Restrictions and Baltra road.
Message 4: Entry.
Message 5: Rebellion

The fishermen left after tearing down the gate to the docks, and scaring everyone in the comedor (lunchroom) The military are now having lunch in the comedor. They have orders not to stay, if they do there might be a complete total armed riot. The diputado is calling for the station/park to be looted and burned, and for other forms of violence. He is openly calling for a "rebellion" and is asking that a tourist be taken hostage (all this is on the local FM radio).

If you can pull any strings, please so. The situation may get worse soon.


Image of damaged security gate

Staff & Students work to repair security gate damaged by protesters.