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Tue, 5 Sep 1995 10:30:35 -0600

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Thanks for the flood of mail from everyone. I will try to answer everyone in this single message.

After sending my message last night, I pulled out the removable hard drive from our UNIX system and carried it with me, just in case the building was damaged. Things were a bit too busy after that to send any messages even if the drive had been in place.

Observers at the park report that tires were burned, wood was piled under vehicles, and oil had been placed about the building. However, no real damage was observed.

The staff members who live off compound are not being let in to work

The duputada(sp?) is giving a speech to the fishermen at the front gate right now.

We understand there may be more confrontations between the military and fishermen later today, so we will remain on guard.

All is quiet now.

The Americans now within the compound are Chantal Blanton, Heidi Snell, and Jim Pinson.

More as soon as I have it.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!