Evening situation
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 17:16:53 -0600

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It is fairly quiet right now. There are some solders guarding the houses at the park, but none here at the station. Chantal is trying to get at least two or three to watch the Station, particularly at night.

There seem to be 26 troops total, including their boss. I understand they work in 8 hr shifts, so there are about 8 or 9 on duty at any given time.

The fishermen have announced the protest will continue indefinitely.

They are still not letting in our outside staff, and are not letting in critical personnel, such as tortoise specialists and the people who maintain our water and electricity.

Chantal is trying to convince them to let the critical personnel in for a few hours each day.

We understand the protesters are still maintaining combustibles around the park buildings and vehicles.

Almost no park personnel remain in the park compound. The park volunteers will sleep here tonight, or wherever else our students sleep.

Our guard, who previously had been allowed to hand over mail and other small packages to people on the other side of the barrier is now being restricted. We can still get things out by small boat most of the time.

Our students are back, but Chantal is trying to get assurances that our buildings will be left alone tonight. If she does not get assurances, she will send the students back to a hotel on the other side of the bay.

The students are writing letters and Faxes to the Ecuadorian president, explaining their situation. Many are still scared, but are doing a great job filling in for the missing staff.

Unless the situation changes, this will be my last message tonight.