I bring a diverse toolbox of skills, analytical ability, research, and innovative approaches to the workplace.  Proficiencies include, but are not limited to: Database Administration (SQL Server and Oracle), data management, ETL, Linux/UNIX System administration, and technical writing.

In my various positions I have written programs using Perl, Python, Java, C, shell scripts, T-SQL, and Ruby.

Lifetime learner, author, versatile and flexible.


BS degree in Marine Biology, Auburn University.

Novell Certified Netware Engineer (inactive)
Oracle Certified Professional DBA 8i, 9i

FCC Amateur Radio License - N1HJ Extra Class (was KI4KPY)

IS-00100 Introduction to the Incident Command System (FEMA)
IS-00200.FW Basic Incident Command System for Federal Workers (FEMA)
IS-00700 National Incident Management System (NIMS)  (FEMA)
IS-00800 National Response Plan, an Introduction (NRP) (FEMA)
EC-001  Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 1 (ARRL)

PADI Divemaster
NACD Certified Cave Diver


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July 2006-
June 2010

Senior Court Analyst
Florida Supreme Court
Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA)
Tallahassee Florida

  • Developed a Uniform Data Reporting application based on Table Oriented Programming techniques where all source table information, ETL functions, and much of the program logic was stored in a single, self documenting database table.

  • Created a new application logging system that stored application name, log category, event level and other information about scheduled jobs in a single database table.  This allowed fast access to log events and had provisions for generating missing report notification.

  • Developed applications to extract data from Excel sreadsheets and load into database tables.

  • Designed numerous reports for analysts using LaTex for PDF generation, and Microsoft Access queries/reports.

  • Converted SAS scripts to use SAS SQL and macros for readability and portability.

  • Created Perl and Python scripts to automatically search existing log files for errors.

  • Developed and tested software in VMWare virtual computer.

October 1999-


Work for Unisys, People Network, and my own company J & C Research has included:

  • Senior UNIX System Administrator for UnixWare and Linux servers supporting a 24x7 system that tracks children and other at-risk individuals served by Florida social services.
  • Improved system reliability and team responsiveness by developing custom C, Java, Perl and Ruby programs to:

    • Monitor Weblogic processes and report problems to Operations Command Center.

    • Create GUI application to allow Operations to monitor and restart HomeSafeNet servers.

    • Monitor Oracle databases to report problems to Operations.

    • Monitor Microsoft SQL server connections to backend servers, to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

    • Send alerts to Unisys Single Point Operations console.

    • Send problem alerts to pagers of support personnel

    • Tested new server configurations and upgrades on Vmware virtual servers.

Genealogy Database Project:

Extracted data from standard GEDCOM genealogy datafile and inserted it into MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
Wrote Perl scripts to process, resize, frame and annotate historic family photographs, and merged all source documents, database tables, and images into one fully linked, data-rich web site.

Create PDF documents using LaTeX typesetting language.

July 1998-
September 1999

Systems Analyst
Department of Management Services
Tallahassee Florida

  • Created online documentation systems, searchable knowledge bases, and other tools to support the COPES system.

  • Developed Web interface for problem tracking system running on Oracle server.

  • Developed web interface to the FSAG student loan database used by Florida DOE.

May 1997-
July 1998

Systems Programmer III (January 1998- July 1998)
Systems Programmer II (May 1997- January 1998)

Agency for Health Care Administration
Tallahassee Florida

  • UNIX system administrator, managed several SUN computers, including a SUN 6000 with 14 CPU's and 2GB RAM

  • Installed and managed the Cisco DNS, and wrote shell and Perl scripts to process data files.

  • Developed Java X-windows front-ends for print queue management and for tape load scripts.

  • Supervised one data center technician.

June 1992
February 1996

System Network Administrator
Charles Darwin Research Station,
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

  • Created the initial email system at Charles Darwin Research Station, using KA9Q NOS, Linux and FreeBSD servers connected to internet via spread-spectrum radio-modems supplied by a grant from U.S. National Science Foundation and Banco del Pacifico-Ecuador. Maintained the system via internet from the U.S., 1996-1998.

  • Designed and implemented the Station's Ethernet network.

  • Designed and set up the Station's first Web page, which was selected as a valuable Internet resource for Discovery Channel School's H2Oceans theme, Spring 1997.

  • Developed software to parse accounting and scientific data for conversion to database format.

Additional duties at the Station:

  • Collected meteorological data.

  • Assisted scientists as research diver, compressor operator, and divemaster.

  • Filmed important visitors and events.

  • Advised on electrical and battery backup systems, computer purchases, and refit of research boat.

April 1990 -
June 1992

Network Specialist
University Computing and Network Services (UCNS)
University of Georgia.

  • Served as the campus-wide CNE (Certified Novell Engineer) and assisted network managers with with installing and managing their Novell networks.

  • Helped network managers in solving hardware/software problems.

  • Wrote instructional material for in-house seminars.

  • Trained and assisted users in the operation of TCP/IP applications such as Telnet and FTP. Wrote TN3270 installation programs and documentation.

  • Installed and evaluated new Novell and TCP/IP products such as e-mail packages, LPD and SMTP gateways.

  • Listserver manager for the UGA Novell Users discussion group.

September 1988-
March 1990

Work on my book "Designing Screen Interfaces in C" for Yourdon Press/Prentice-Hall, and various programming projects. Consulting.

October 1986-
September 1988

Network Manager
College of Business Administration Computer Center (CBACC)
University of Georgia.

  • Installed, configured, and supported the CBACC Token Ring network.

  • Customized and installed network software. Wrote dBASE and 'C' language applications for CBACC.

  • Assisted faculty with microcomputer hardware/software problems.

  • Evaluated new microcomputer products and software. Wrote computer information guides.

October 1985-
October 1986

Head of Operation Support
College of Business Administration Computer Center (CBACC)
University of Georgia

  • Provided hardware and applications software support for the CBACC.

  • Managed computer labs with 40 IBM PC's, printers and modems, IBM PagePrinter, IBM Color Plotter, Polaroid Palette; 2 AT&T 7300 Unix Minicomputers; RJE site (2 line printers, 12 terminals).

  • Supervised 20 student workers and 1 computer operator.

  • Author of "HELP-LINE" section of CBACC newsletter.

October 1984-
October 1985

Biological Technician
Georgia Sea Grant Program
University of Georgia

  • Designed, built and evaluated eel trap designs for Georgia Sea Grant program (funded for 1 year).

  • Field test of trap designs with follow up statistical analysis (S.A.S.).

  • Study of eel behavior in north Florida underwater caves, by direct observation and underwater video cameras.

  • Supervision of field workers.

February 1977
October 1984

Biological Technician
Insects Affecting Man and Animals Research Lab
United States Department of Agriculture
Gainesville, Florida

  • Developed testing techniques for evaluating insecticide residue effectiveness against various species of medically important insects.

  • Established and maintained a colony of chigger mites (E. alfreddugesia).

  • Field test insecticides against chigger mites and ticks using Koritz back pack at Camp Blanding and Camp LeJune.

  • Wind Tunnel testing of insecticides against mosquitoes, house flies, and sand flies.

  • F.E.M.A designated employee with emergency responsibilities.


  • Developed database management software and program protection schemes for radial keratotomy and interocular lens implant patient database, for Ophthalmic Prediction Software Inc.,Gainesville Florida.

  • Developed data base software to input data from Scantron Card reader to PC, for grading student tests; Biology Program, University of Georgia.

  • Wrote 'C' language Data storage system and linked it with assembly language video scanner software for LAR (Leaf Area Removed) research project; Institute of Ecology/Dept. Of Entomology, University of Georgia.

  • Created OTP-PC, a One Time Pad encryption system and released it under a concept I called "DonorWare, which asked users to send a donation to organizations like the Charles Darwin Research Station.

  • Created an interface between Pegasus Mail program and the KA9Q packet radio software.  I called the interface "G-Mail" (Galapagos-Mail) since it was designed for the Charles Darwin Research Station.

  • Created Bibliophile, a user friendly bibliographic data manager. Bibliophile was a shareware product.

  • Created Dbase III program for Computerized library Checkout system. Integrated the program with barcode reader.


James L. Pinson

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