Web Pages by Jim Pinson.

( This site is no longer being updated. You can find my current home page here. )

Image of Pepino

The Pepineros

The Story of the Sea Cucumber fishery controversy in Galapagos. Images and accounts from personal film and e-mail archives.
Image of resume


Jim Pinson's resume.No brag. Just fact.
Image of Moses Clowney

South Carolina Families

My South Carolina family genealogy.
Image of St. Marks Light house

Florida Images

Photographs about St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, Operation Migration, Bald Point, Wakulla beach, Telogia creek, Mashes Sands, and many more.

More images can be seen here.
Image of Basket Sponge

Underwater Images

Scuba diving photographs from Florida, Exuma and Hawaii.
Image of Hurricane Katrina POD workers

Operation Hurricane Katrina

Florida ham radio operators respond to Hurricane Katrina.

Coming Soon:
Jim's source code and documents.

The source code for "Designing Screen Interfaces in C" and and other software written by James L Pinson.

The software includes OTP-PC (Jim's one time pad cypher), as well as code that appeared in "Sys Admin".