Friday morning
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 12:27:44 -0600

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We had a peaceful night. All is currently calm.

Yesterday we met with the folks from the US Embassy at 10:00 to discuss the situation.

At 16:00 the Embassy personnel along with Jose "Pepe" Andrade (president of the municipality) visited the station. A somewhat lengthy discussion took place in Chantal's office

There was another informal meeting at the Hotel Galapagos that evening at 20:00.

As Chantal, Heidi Snell, and I came back from the Hotel Galapagos, we could see that there was a meeting of the protesters at the park headquarters. They were chanting as usual but the voices were more subdued. We were not bothered in any way when we left or returned.

Today the protesters are still at the main gate, employees who live outside are not permitted entry except for emergencies.

Tortoise food was brought in today without incident. The students carried it in wheel barrows from the main gate up to the tortoise pens.

We hear that some hard-line protesters want to continue for another week, but generally we have the impression the strike is gradually losing support.

The strike in San Cristobal also seems to be losing support. A lot of people are going on the radio with information to contradict what the strike leaders are saying.

Chantal is working on a more detailed report of what has occured over the last couple of days. I will send a copy to all of you as soon as it is ready.


Tortoise food arrives from highlands,

Tortoise food arrives from highlands, where Park guards and Station staff and volunteers collect it.

Volunteers and staff brave blockade

Volunteers and staff brave blockade to bring in food for tortoises and iguanas in the conservation breeding program.

Long trip by wheelbarrow and jeep to tortoise pens.

Long trip by wheelbarrow and jeep to tortoise pens.