Morning meeting with fishermen
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 09:05:12 -0600

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Chantal met with the fishermen and deuputada (sp?) at the front gate this morning.

She asked that food be allowed in for people and animals. She also requested that critical personnel, such as the people that run the generator be allowed in.

She was told the following by the fishermen:

-No food will be allowed in for the tortoise or iguanas.
-No personnel who live outside the compound will be allowed in.
-No food will be allowed in for people (they may negotiate this issue later).
-They commented that they "would decide what to do with us later today"
-They said they are in complete control of the park and station.

Two police were milling about in the crowd on the outside of the gate, but gave no sign of getting involved in any way.

We are trying to figure out what plants inside our compound can be used for feeding the animals. Also, we may be able to sneak food in through our docks, they are not occupied now.

More later,


Picture of Protest

Fanny Uribe (on right), acting provincial representative known as a Diputada, rejects Director's plans to bring in food for tortoises, staff and students who live in the Research Station. Uribe's family was heavily involved with the sea cucumber fishermen who spearheaded the early stages of this strike.

A few months earlier, the Uribes were caught processing illegally harvested sea cucumbers on their roof.

Picture of Protest

Station Director hears the demands of protesters and negotiates. ProtesterGulnara (white sweater, left), a 2-year resident on Santa Cruz, says she speaks for the people of Galapagos:

"The Government makes us starve,so you and the tortoises starve"

Protesters at Gate.

Protesters watch negotiations at the gate.

Director meets with staff.

Director crosses blockade to speak with Station staff as protesters(on right, in red jacket and striped shirt) listen in.

Station Director crosses blockade

Protesters (foreground) mill about or heckle, as Director discusses situation with staff outside gate of Research Station.