This message is missing from my log.
What follows is a description of the events from hand-written notes at that time:

[Around noon, the strike's ringleader, Eduardo Veliz, incited the populace to violence during a vehement and impassioned radio address. He exhorted strikers to sack and burn Station and Park buildings, while other strike leaders threatened to take tourists hostage.]

[Within minutes of Veliz' address, a crowd brandishing machetes and bludgeons ran into the Station, shouting that they wanted to find Galapagos National Park Service Director, Arturo Izurieta. They had come to take him by force, they said, then they would kill him. The cook stalwartly refused them entry to the lunchroom, where the protestors had heard that he was having lunch. After an altercation, observed by local military police who had been sent to protect the Station, the protesters departed.]