Tuesday Morning
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 07:35:13 -0600

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Message 7: Tuesday Morning

It was an interesting night. We were informed there might be a military action and that we should keep everyone together (which was our plan anyway.) We held a meeting, and at the Port Captain's request we didn't say there was a possibility of any kind of operation. We just said it was a good idea to have a "slumber" party for the night.

Soon after, we began receiving threats that the fishermen had two objectives for the night, to burn something, and to hang someone.

The park director, who was keeping a low profile in his house, was escorted out of the park by some military. To my knowledge no military responded to our calls for guards (same as previous occasions).

I was worried that if the park director was away, the next "hanging" target might be Chantal.

At my urging Chantal agreeded to go with me into hiding for at least part of the evening. During the night Chantal continued to communicate with staff members and other friendly towns people via hand-held VHF radio. The conversation were mostly held in French, which we figured the fishermen wouldn't know.

The decision was made to evacuate the staff via boat. During the evacuation it was discovered that the fishermen had placed nets in the shallow waters surrounding the station to make passage difficult.

Most of the staff left. During the night we could see fires, but don't know what was burning. We have had a report that the military confronted the fishermen and caught them ready to do damage to park equipment (and perhaps succeed).

I cannot give more information, we just got to the office and Chantal is collecting information. Full details will follow.

We are all OK, but I understand the fishermen still control the entrance.


Students and scientists await evacuation

Students and visiting scientists await evacuation via small boats, under cover of darkness, to safety on the other side of Academy Bay.